Markets in exchange: Chicago Board of Trade

CSI NumSymbolDescription
9CCorn, No. 2 Yellow (Central Ill.)
11OOats, No. 2 Milling (Minneapolis)
17SSoybeans, No. 1 Yellow (Central Ill)
18SMSoybean Meal
18SMSoybean Meal, 48% Protein (Decatur, IL)
19BOSoybean Oil
19BOSoybean Oil, Carload (Decatur, IL)
21WWheat, No. 2 Soft Red Winter (St Louis)
28ZG100oz Gold
44USU.S. T-Bond
44USU.S. Treas benchmark 30-year bond (New York)
74FF30 Day Federal Funds
74FF30 Day Fed Funds Rate (New York)
110XWmini Chicago SRW Wheat
111XCmini Corn
112XSmini Soybeans
130RRRough Rice
130RRUSDA World Price for Rough Long Grain, Weekly
144US2U.S. T-Bond
150TY10-Year U.S. T-Note
150TYU.S. Treas benchmark 10-year note (New York)
207TU22-Year U.S. T-Note-(#382 w/ less precision)
207TU2U.S. Treas benchmark 2-year note (New York)
250TY210-Year U.S. T-Note
251FV5-Year U.S. T-Note
251FVU.S. Treas benchmark 5-year note (New York)
293FV25-Year U.S. T-Note
382TU2-Year U.S. T-Note
382TUU.S. Treas benchmark 2-year note (New York)
410SM2Soybean Meal
411BO2Soybean Oil
415RR2Rough Rice
496DJDJIA Index (CBOE)
594DR2Dow Jones Utility Average
595DQ2Dow Jones Transportation Average
596DJ2Dow Jones Industrial Average
666TU32-Year U.S. T-Note
699YMe-mini Dow ($5)
699YMe-mini Dow ($5)
750FF2Fed Fund Rate 30 Day
801ZBTreasury Bonds
802ZNT-Note-US 10 Yr
803ZF5-Year U.S. T-Note
804ZT2-Year U.S. T-Note
892FF130-Day Federal Funds
894ZMSoybean Meal
895ZLSoybean Oil
899RR1Rough Rice
1081ERBloomberg Commodity Index (DJ UBS Commodity Index)
1138REIDJ Real Estate Index
1138REIDJ Real Estate Index
1189XW1mini Wheat
1190XW2mini Wheat
1191XC1mini Corn
1192XC2mini Corn
1193XS1mini Soybeans
1194XS2mini Soybeans
1217fzeEthanol Forward Month Calendar Swap
1407T33-Year Treasury Note
1408T323-Year Treasury Note
1409Z3N3-Year Treasury Note
1506ULUltra T-Bonds
1507UL2Ultra T-Bonds
1508UBUltra T-Bonds
1833B1U30yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1834B2U30yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1835B3U30yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1836N1U10yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1837N2U10yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1838N3U10yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1839F1U5yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1840F2U5yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1841F3U5yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1842T1U2yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1843T2U2yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1844T3U2yr Deliverable Interest Rate Swap
1857YMLe-mini DJIA ($5)
1958DRSBloomberg Roll Select Commodity Index (DJ-UBS Roll Select Commodity Index)
20273TNUltra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note
20314UMEUrea (Granular) FOB Middle East
20316UFUUAN FOB Nola Swaps
20336MYMMicro E-mini Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
20337BWFBlack Sea Wheat Financially Settled (Platts)
20338BCFBlack Sea Corn Financially Settled (Platts)
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.