Markets in exchange: New York Mercantile Exchange - ClearPort

CSI NumSymbolDescription
756CSWTI Calendar Spread
757FNMichCon Natural Gas Basis
758PMPermian Natural Gas Basis
759NXTexas Eastern Natural Gas Zone M-3 Basis
760TCTCO Natural Gas Basis
769HKNY Heating Oil/Crude Oil Crack Calendar Swap
922HBHenry Hub Natural Gas Basis
923NJSan Juan Natural Gas Basis
925NRRockies NW Pipeline Natural Gas Basis
926NHHouston Ship Channel Natural Gas Basis
927PHPanhandle Natural Gas Basis
928AWWAHA Natural Gas Basis
929KNSUMAS Natural Gas Basis
936PGDominion Basis
937PDNGPL TEX/OK Natural Gas Basis
938NLNGPL Mid Continent
1015TRNTransco Zone 4 Natural Gas Basis
1068DCNDubai Crude Cal Swap
1069UANSingapore Fuel 180 Swap
1070SENSingapore Fuel 380 Swap
1071SGNSingapore Gasoil Cal Sw
1072KSNSingapore Jet Fuel Swap
1076UNNEuro Naphtha Swap
1077UVNEuro 3.5 Fuel Oil Sw
1078BBNBrent Crude Financ.
1117YONNo.11 Sugar
1129GENGulf Coast Jet Fuel Calendar Swap
1185MPNNew York Harbor Heating Oil Calendar Swap
1186RLNRBOB Calendar Swap
1197CYNBrent Calendar Swap
1198DBNBrent-Dubai Swap
1211BZNBrent Crude Last Day
1246MMNNew York Harbor Residual Fuel 1% Sulfur Swap
1248MFNGulf Coast No. 6 Fuel Oil 3% Sulfur Swap
1249UFNNorthwest Europe 1% Fuel Oil Swap
1250UHNRotterdam 1% Fuel Oil Swap
1299VLNRotterdam Gasoil 0.1 Barges FOB Swap
1300CUNChicago Ethanol Swap (Platts)
1301EZNNew York Ethanol Swap (Platts)
1305INNHenry Hub Natural Gas Index Swap (Platts)
1344QANmini Low Sulphur Gasoil Financial
1345MENGulf Coast Jet vs NYH#2 HO Spread
1346LTNUp-Down GC USLD vs NYMEX HO Spread
1347GXNEuropean Gasoil Calendar Swap
1349JSNL.A. Jet (OPIS) Swap
1355GZNEuropean Low Sulphur Gasoil Brent Crack Spread
1357GANSingapore Gasoil (Platts) vs. Low Sulphur Gasoil
1358RMNRBOB Crack Spread Swap
1359BKNWTI-Brent Calendar Swap
1360FYNDated-to-Frontline Brent Swap
1428Q8NPJM Pepco Zone Off-Peak Swap
1456UBNDated Brent Crude Oil Swap
1457BYNWTI-Brent (ICE) Bullet Swap
1458UINFuel Oil Swap Med
1464FIFuel Oil 1% NWE Crack vs ICE Brent
1465FONFuel Oil 3.5% Rdam Crack vs ICE Brent
1467ETNGasoil 10PPM Rdam Barges v ICE Gasoil
1468JCNJet CIF NWE v ICE Gasoil
1470ENNNaphtha Crack Spread
1472FSNFuel Oil Swap Cargo v Barges
1473EWNEast-West Fuel Oil Spread Swap
1476SDNSingapore Fuel Oil Spread Swap
1488F7NEuropean Gasoil
1562MMBGC Sour Crude Oil
1729CBNConway Normal Butane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1730CPNConway Propane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1731CGNConway Natural Gasoline (OPIS) Swap Futures
1732BENMont Belvieu Ethane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1733BPNMont Belvieu LDH Propane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1734BNNMont Belvieu Normal Butane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1735BINMont Belvieu Iso-Butane (OPIS) Swap Futures
1736BGNMont Belvieu Natural Gasoline (OPIS) Swap Futures
1745XANLLS (Argus) Calendar Swap Futures
1746WJNLLS (Argus) vs. WTI Spread Calendar Swap Futures
1771PINPJM Northern Illinois Hub Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP Swap
1772PDNPJM Western Hub Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP Swap
1773PBNPJM BGE Zone Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP Swap
1774PANPJM AEP Dayton Hub Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP Swap
1775PSNPJM PSEG Zone Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP Swap
1849E5NArgus LLS Vs. WTI (Argus)
1872D0NMini European 3.5% Fuel Oil Barges FOB Rdam (Platts)
1873N9NPJM Western Hub Real-Time Off-Peak
1874V3NPJM AEP Dayton Hub Real-Time Off-Peak
1875B6NPJM Northern Illinois Hub Real-Time Off-Peak
1876D2NNYISO Zone G Day-Ahead Off-Peak
1878H2NISO New England Mass Hub Day-Ahead Off-Peak
1879H4NMISO Indiana Hub (formerly Cinergy Hub) Real-Time Off-Peak
1880K4NNYISO Zone A Day-Ahead Off-Peak
1881D4NNYISO Zone J Day-Ahead Off-Peak
1882X1NPJM AECO Zone Off-Peak Day-Ahead LMP
1883I6NERCOT North 345 kV Hub Off-Peak
1884K2NMISO Indiana Hub (formerly Cinergy Hub) Day-Ahead Off-Peak
1885F5NPJM PPL Zone Off-Peak Day-Ahead LMP
1887D9NPJM ComEd Zone Off-Peak Day-Ahead LMP
1888OFNOntario Off-Peak
1889P8NISO New England North East Massachusetts Zone Off-Peak Day-Ahead LMP
1890L9NISO New England West Central Massachusetts Zone Off-Peak Day Ahead LMP
1897FHNWTS (Argus) vs. WTI Trade Month
1898FFNWTI Midland (Argus) vs. WTI Financial
1899CWNCanadian Heavy Crude Oil Index (Net Energy)
1975YVNMars (Argus) vs. WTI Trade Month
1976YXNMars (Argus) vs. WTI Financial
1977TFNCoal (API2) CIF ARA (ARGUS-McCloskey)
1978T7NGasoline Euro-bob Oxy NWE Barges (Argus) Crack Spread
1980RBNRBOB Gasoline Brent Crack Spread
20202A6NGroup Three ULSD (Platts) vs. NY Harbor ULSD
20203C4NChicago ULSD (Platts)
20204C5NChicago ULSD (Platts) vs. NY Harbor ULSD
20205LYNGulf Coast ULSD (Platts)
20206WTNWTI Midland (Argus) vs. WTI Trade Month
20207U5NISO New England Rhode Island Zone 5 MW Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP
20208L1NPJM Western Hub Peak Calendar-Month Real-Time LMP
20209HONMISO Michigan Hub 5 MW Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead
20210F2NPJM JCPL Zone Off-Peak Calendar-Month Day-Ahead LMP
20211J4NPJM Western Hub Day-Ahead Peak Calendar-Month 5 MW
20212Z9NPJM AEP Dayton Hub 5MW Peak Calendar-Month Real-Time LMP
20216CINCanadian Light Sweet Oil (Net Energy) Index
20217HTNWTI Houston (Argus) vs. WTI Trade Month
20312JKNLNG Japan/Korea Marker
20320CSNClearbrook Bakken Sweet Crude Oil Monthly Index (Net Energy)
20339LNGGulf Coast Liquified Natural Gas Export
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.