Markets in exchange: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2LCLive Cattle
2LCLive Cattle, Choice Avg 100-weight (Omaha, NE)
4LHLean Hogs
4LHLive Hogs, Average 100-weight (Omaha, NE)
5PBPork Bellies, 12-14 lbs (Mid-US)
23MPMexican Peso
23MPMexican Peso, Interbank Spot (New York)
25SFSwiss Franc
25SFSwiss Franc, Interbank Spot (New York)
26BPBritish Pound
26BPBritish Pound, Interbank Spot (New York)
27LBLumber, 2x4 fob BC, Canada (Crow's)
33FCFeeder Cattle
33FCFeeder Cattle, 7 day avg 600-800lb. (Chicago Merc)
41TBTreasury Bills (New York)
63ST?Stud Lumber, 2x4 fob BC, Canada (Random Lengths)
64CDCanadian Dollar
64CDCanadian Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
65JYJapanese Yen
65JYJapanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
66ADAustralian Dollar
66ADAustralian Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
96BR9Broiler Chickens, 12 city composite weighted ave
99NKNikkei 225 Index
99NKNikkei 225 Index
102RLRussell 2000 Stock Index (NYFE)
104MDS & P Midcap 400 Stock Index (Chicago Merc)
127SF2Swiss Franc
128BP2British Pound
129CD2Canadian Dollar
141EDEurodollar, 3-Month Rate (Brit. Bankers Assn)
142EM1-Month Eurodollar
142EMOne Month LIBOR (London)
149SPS&P 500 Index
149SPStandard & Poors 500 Index (Chicago Merc)
192SXS&P 100 Index
258BCMajor Market Index (Chicago Merc)
262JY2Japanese Yen
265AD2Australian Dollar
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity Index
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity Index (New York)
270EM21-Month Eurodollar
278MP2Mexican Peso
290SP2S&P 500 Index
355BRBrazilian Real
355BRBrazilian Real, Interbank Spot (New York)
401SGS&P 500 BARRA Growth Index
401SGStandard & Poors 500 Growth Index (Chicago Merc)
402SUS&P 500 BARRA Value Index
402SUStandard & Poors 500 Value Index (Chicago Merc)
403DKClass IV Milk
403DKUSDA AMS/Dairy Program Reports, Class IV Milk, Monthly
404DAClass III Milk
404DAUSDA AMS/Dairy Program Reports, Class III Milk, Monthly
429NDNASDAQ 100 Index (Chicago Merc)
450RPEuro/British Pound
450RPEuro/British Pound, Interbank Spot (New York)
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc, Interbank Spot (New York)
458RA2South African Rand
458RA2South African Rand, Interbank Spot (New York)
459NE2New Zealand Dollar
459NE2New Zealand Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
487ESe-mini S&P 500 Index
487ESe-mini S&P 500 Index
497NQe-mini Nasdaq 100 Index
497NQe-mini Nasdaq 100 Index
498JTe-mini Japanese Yen
499EXe-mini Euro
519RU2Russian Ruble
519RU2Russian Ruble, Interbank Spot (New York)
524CUEuro FX, Interbank spot (New York)
677ER2e-mini Russell 2000 Index
677ER2e-mini Russell 2000 Index
684EMDe-mini S&P Midcap 400 Index
684EMDe-mini S&P Midcap 400 Index
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
694LC2Live Cattle
695LH2Lean Hogs
696FC2Feeder Cattle
698XTS&P Topix 150 Index
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona, Interbank Spot (New York)
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Kroner
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Krone, Interbank Spot (New York)
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar, Interbank Spot (New York)
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc, Interbank Spot (New York)
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen, Interbank Spot (New York)
733FINSPCTR-Financial Index
734TECSPCTR-Technology Index
736SMCe-mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index
736SMCe-mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index
782QCNe-mini Nasdaq Composite Index
782QCNe-mini Nasdaq Composite Index
821BR5Brazilian Real (w/5 digits precision)
821BR5Brazilian Real (w/5 digits precision)
831NK1Nikkei 225 Index
875MP1Mexican Peso
877JY1Japanese Yen
878SF1Swiss Franc
879BP1British Pound
880CD1Canadian Dollar
883EM11-Month Eurodollar
884AD1Australian Dollar
885SP1S&P 500 Index
886LC1Live Cattle
887LH1Lean Hogs
889FC1Feeder Cattle
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index
913NIYNikkei 225 Index (Yen)
950PLZPolish Zloty/US Dollar
950PLZPolish Zloty, Interbank Spot (New York)
951EPLPolish Zloty/Euro
951EPLEuro/Polish Zloty, Interbank Spot (New York)
967QQQNasdaq 100 ETF
968SPYS&P Depositary Receipts ETF
969IWMiShares Russell 2000 ETF
973CBCash Settled Butter
973CBCash Settled Butter
1018CUSComposite Housing Index
1019BOSBoston Housing Index
1020CHIChicago Housing Index
1021DENDenver Housing Index
1022LAVLas Vegas Housing Index
1023LAXLas Angeles Housing Index
1024MIAMiami Housing Index
1025NYMNew York Housing Index
1026SDGSan Diego Housing Index
1027SFRSan Francisco Housing Index
1028WDCWashington DC Housing Index
1030BIOe-mini Nasdaq Bio Index
1032RS1e-mini Russell 1000 Index
1032RS1e-mini Russell 1000 Index
1033GIEGSCI Index Ex. Return
1058KWRKorean Won
1060RASA Rand
1061RA1SA Rand
1062NENew Zealand Dollar
1063NE1New Zealand Dollar
1064RURX-Russian Ruble
1065RU1RX-Russian Ruble
1119ILSIsreali Shekel
1119ILSIsreali Shekel, Interbank Spot (New York)
1120CKOCzech Koruna
1120CKOCzech Koruna, Interbank Spot (New York)
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro, Interbank Spot (New York)
1122HFOHungarian Forint
1122HFOHungarian Forint, Interbank Spot (New York)
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro, Interbank Spot (New York)
1195DYDry Whey
1195DYDry Whey
1226NFNon-Fat Dry Milk
1226NFNon-Fat Dry Milk
1227DA2Class III Milk
1228DA1Class III Milk
1273K5CCDD Dallas
1406GI1Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
1414M6Be-micro GBP / USD
1415M6Ee-micro EUR/USD
1416M6Ae-micro AUD/USD
1540CPOCrude Palm Oil
1556CSCCash Settled Cheese
1556CSCCash Settled Cheese
1663SPDEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Discrectionary
1664SPSEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Staples
1665SPEEmini S&P Select Sector Energy
1666SPFEmini S&P Select Sector Financial
1667SPHEmini S&P Select Sector Health Care
1668SPIEmini S&P Select Sector Industrial
1669SPMEmini S&P Select Sector Materials
1670SPTEmini S&P Select Sector Technology
1671SPUEmini S&P Select Sector Utilities
1817MJYE-Micro JPY / USD
1818FSME-Micro CHF / USD
1819MCDE-Micro CAD / USD
1825IBVIbovespa (USD Denominated)
1851SIRIndian Rupee
1851SIRIndian Rupee, Interbank Spot (New York)
1852MIRE-Micro INR / USD
1855ESLe-mini S&P 500 Index
1856NQLe-mini Nasdaq 100 Index
1858EMLe-mini S&P Midcap 400 Index
1859NILNikkei 225 Index (Yen)
1866ENYe-mini Nikkei 225 Index (Yen)
1960CNHUSD/Offshore RMB(CNH)
20267FT1e-mini FTSE 100 Index
20268FT5e-mini FTSE China 50 Index
20274SDAS&P 500 Annual Dividend Index
20293SPRe-mini S&P Real Estate Select Sector
20294CHPChilean Peso
20294CHPChilean Peso, Interbank Spot (New York)
20307RSVe-mini Russell 1000 Value Index
20307RSVRussell 1000 Value Index
20308RSGe-mini Russell 1000 Growth Index
20308RSGRussell 1000 Growth Index
20310BTCBitcoin Reference Rate (BRR)
20318SR11-Month SOFR
20319SR33-Month SOFR
20322XAZE-mini S&P Communication Services Select Sector
20333MESMicro E-mini S&P 500 Index
20334MNQMicro E-mini Nasdaq 100 Index
20335M2KMicro E-mini Russell 2000 Index
20341BLKBlock Cheese
20348ESGe-mini S&P 500 ESG
20349TRIS&P 500 Total Return
20375EPTBTIC mini S&P 500
20376YMTBTIC mini DJIA
20377NQTBTIC mini Nasdaq 100
20378RLTBTIC mini Russell 2000
20379EMTBTIC mini S&P MidCap
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.