Markets in exchange: Economic Statistics

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2700E000CIVILIAN LABOR FORCE - TOTAL (Seasonally Adjusted) in millions
2709E009CIVILIAN LABOR FORCE - TOTAL (UnAdjusted) in millions
2710E00ACPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) 1982-84=100 (Unadjusted)
2711E00BCPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) 1967=100 (Unadjusted)
2712E00CCPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) 1982-84=100 (Unadjusted)
2713E00DCPI-U/Less Food and Energy (Unadjusted)
2714E00ECPI-W/Less Food and Energy (Unadjusted)
2719E00JU.S. Import Index - All (Unadjusted)
2720E00KU.S. Export Index - All (Unadjusted)
2724E00OTotal all industries layoff events
2726E00QTotal all industries initial claimants for UI
2727E00RPPI: Finished Goods
2728E00SPPI: Finished Consumer Foods
2729E00TPPI: Capital Equipment
2730E00UPPI: Intermediate Materials Supplies and Components
2731E00VPPI: Materials and Components for Construction
2732E00WPPI: Crude Materials
2733E00XPPI: Crude Foods and Feedstuffs
2734E00YPPI: Finished Goods Less Food and Energy
2735E00ZPPI: Finished Energy Goods
2736E010PPI: Intermediate Materials Less Food and Energy
2737E011PPI: Intermediate Energy Goods
2738E012PPI: Crude Nonfood and Materials Less Energy
2739E013PPI: Crude Energy Materials
2740E014PPI: Finished Goods (Seasonally Adjusted)
2741E015PPI: Finished Consumer Food (Seasonally Adjusted)s
2742E016PPI: Capital Equipment (Seasonally Adjusted)
2743E017PPI: Adj Intermediate Materials Supplies and Components (Seasonally Adj)
2744E018PPI: Adj Materials and Components for Construction (Seasonally Adjusted)
2745E019PPI: Crude Materials (Seasonally Adjusted)
2746E01APPI: Crude Foodstuffs and Feedstuffs (Seasonally Adjusted)
2747E01BPPI: Adj Finished Goods Less Food and Energy (Seasonally Adj)
2748E01CPPI: Finished Energy Goods (Seasonally Adjusted)
2749E01DPPI: Adj Intermediate Materials Less Food and Energy (Seasonally Adj)
2750E01EPPI: Adj Intermediate Energy Goods (Seasonally Adj)
2751E01FPPI: Adj Crude Nonfood and Materials Less Energy (Seasonally Adj)
2752E01GPPI: Crude Energy Materials (Seasonally Adjusted)
2753E01HPPI: All Commodities
2754E01IPPI: Industrial Commodities
2755E01JPPI: Farm Products
2756E01KPPI: Processed Foods and Feeds
2757E01LPPI: Apparel
2758E01MPPI: Crude Petroleum (Domestic Production)
2759E01NPPI: Gasoline
2760E01OPPI: Basic Inorganic Chemicals
2761E01PPPI: Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
2764E01SPPI: Tires
2765E01TPPI: Lumber
2766E01UPPI: Pulp Paper and Allied Products
2767E01VPPI: Wastepaper
2768E01WPPI: Paper
2769E01XPPI: Converted Paper and Paperboard Products
2770E01YPPI: Iron and Steel
2771E01ZPPI: Steel Mill Products
2772E020PPI: Hardware
2773E021PPI: Hand and Edge Tools
2774E022PPI: Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
2775E023PPI: General Purpose Machinery and Equipment
2776E024PPI: Electrical Machinery and Equipment
2777E025PPI: Household Furniture
2778E026PPI: Floor Coverings
2779E027PPI: Transportation Equipment
2780E028PPI: Motor Vehicles
2781E029PPI: Passenger Cars
2782E02APPI: Trucks 10000 lbs. GVW and Under
2783E02BPPI: Motor Vehicle Parts
2784E02CPPI: Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts
2785E02DPPI: Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment
2786E02EPPI: Tobacco Products incl. Stemmed & Redried
2790E02IDays Of Idleness Resulting From Work Stoppages In Effect In Month
2813E035Consumer Credit Outstand(Seasonally Adjusted)
2814E036Consumer Credit Outstand(Unadjusted)
2815E037Gross Domestic Product
2816E038National Association of Purchasing managers' Index
2817E039Indust Prod: Total Index
2818E03AIndust Prod: Final products and nonindustrial supplies
2819E03BIndust Prod: Consumer goods
2820E03CIndust Prod: Durable consumer goods
2821E03DIndust Prod: Automotive products
2822E03EIndust Prod: Computers video and audio equipment
2823E03FIndust Prod: Appliances furniture and carpeting
2824E03GIndust Prod: Miscellaneous durable goods
2825E03HIndust Prod: Nondurable consumer goods
2826E03IIndust Prod: Nondurable nonenergy consumer goods
2827E03JIndust Prod: Foods and tobacco
2828E03KIndust Prod: Clothing
2829E03LIndust Prod: Chemical products
2830E03MIndust Prod: Paper products
2831E03NIndust Prod: Consumer energy products
2832E03OIndust Prod: Business equipment
2833E03PIndust Prod: Transit equipment
2834E03QIndust Prod: Information processing and related equipment
2835E03RIndust Prod: Industrial and other equipment
2836E03SIndust Prod: Defense and space equipment
2837E03TIndust Prod: Construction supplies
2838E03UIndust Prod: Business supplies
2839E03VIndust Prod: Materials
2840E03WIndust Prod: Materials ex. energy materials
2841E03XIndust Prod: Durable goods materials
2842E03YIndust Prod: Consumer parts
2843E03ZIndust Prod: Equipment parts
2844E040Indust Prod: Other durable materials
2845E041Indust Prod: Nondurable goods materials
2846E042Indust Prod: Textile materials
2847E043Indust Prod: Paper materials
2848E044Indust Prod: Chemical materials
2849E045Indust Prod: Energy materials
2850E046Indust Prod: Manufacturing (SIC)
2851E047Indust Prod: Manufacturing (NAICS)
2852E048Indust Prod: Durable manufacturing (NAICS)
2853E049Indust Prod: Wood product NAICS=321
2854E04AIndust Prod: Nonmetallic mineral product NAICS=327
2855E04BIndust Prod: Primary metal NAICS=331
2856E04CIndust Prod: Fabricated metal product NAICS=332
2857E04DIndust Prod: Machinery NAICS=333
2858E04EIndust Prod: Computer and electronic product NAICS=334
2859E04FIndust Prod: Electrical equipment appliance and component NAICS=335
2860E04GIndust Prod: Motor vehicles and parts NAICS=3361-3
2861E04HIndust Prod: Aerospace and miscellaneous transportation eq. NAICS=3364-9
2862E04IIndust Prod: Furniture and related product NAICS=337
2863E04JIndust Prod: Miscellaneous NAICS=339
2864E04KIndust Prod: Nondurable manufacturing (NAICS)
2865E04LIndust Prod: Food beverage and tobacco NAICS=311 2
2866E04MIndust Prod: Textiles and products NAICS=313 4
2867E04NIndust Prod: Apparel and leather goods NAICS=315 6
2868E04OIndust Prod: Paper NAICS=322
2869E04PIndust Prod: Printing and related support activities NAICS=323
2870E04QIndust Prod: Petroleum and coal products NAICS=324
2871E04RIndust Prod: Chemical NAICS=325
2872E04SIndust Prod: Plastics and rubber products NAICS=326
2873E04TIndust Prod: Other manufacturing
2874E04UIndust Prod: Mining NAICS=21
2875E04VIndust Prod: Electric and gas utilities NAICS=2211 2
2876E04WIndust Prod: Electric power generation transmission and distribution NAICS=2211
2877E04XIndust Prod: Natural gas distribution NAICS=2212
2878E04YIndust Prod: Energy total
2879E04ZIndust Prod: Commercial energy products
2880E050Indust Prod: Drilling oil and gas wells NAICS=213111
2881E051Indust Prod: Converted fuel
2882E052Indust Prod: Primary energy
2883E053Indust Prod: Non-energy total
2884E054Indust Prod: Computers communications eq. and semiconductors NAICS=3341 3342 334412-9
2885E055Indust Prod: Computer and peripheral equipment NAICS=3341
2886E056Indust Prod: Communications equipment NAICS=3342
2887E057Indust Prod: Semiconductors and related equipment
2888E058Indust Prod: Non-energy ex. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2889E059Indust Prod: Motor vehicle NAICS=3361
2890E05AIndust Prod: Motor vehicle parts NAICS=3363
2891E05BIndust Prod: Non-energy ex. motor vehicles & pts. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2892E05CIndust Prod: Consumer goods ex. hi-tech motor vehicles & pts. and energy
2893E05DIndust Prod: Business equipment ex. hi-tech and motor vehicles and parts
2894E05EIndust Prod: Construction supplies ex. hi-tech
2896E05GIndust Prod: Business supplies ex. energy motor vehicles & parts and selected hi-tech industries
2897E05HIndust Prod: Total ex. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2898E05IIndust Prod: Materials ex. energy motor vehicles & pts. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2899E05JIndust Prod: Manufacturing ex. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2900E05KIndust Prod: Total ex. motor vehicles and parts
2901E05LIndust Prod: Durable mfg. ex. computers communications eq. and semiconductors
2902E05MIndust Prod: Manufacturing ex. motor vehicles and parts
2903E05NIndust Prod: Durable manufacturing ex. motor vehicles & parts
2904E05OIndust Prod: Non-energy materials for finished goods producers
2905E05PIndust Prod: Oil and gas extraction NAICS=211
2908E05SIndust Prod: Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction NAICS=211111
2909E05TIndust Prod: Natural gas NAICS=211111pt.
2910E05UIndust Prod: Natural gas liquid extraction NAICS=211112
2911E05VIndust Prod: Mining (except oil and gas) NAICS=212
2912E05WIndust Prod: Coal mining NAICS=2121
2913E05XIndust Prod: Metal ore mining NAICS=2122
2914E05YIndust Prod: Iron ore mining NAICS=21221
2915E05ZIndust Prod: Gold ore and silver ore mining NAICS=21222
2916E060Indust Prod: Copper nickel lead and zinc mining NAICS=21223
2917E061Indust Prod: Non-energy materials for intermediate goods producers
2918E062Indust Prod: Support activities for mining NAICS=213
2919E063Indust Prod: Electric power generation NAICS=22111
2920E064Indust Prod: Hydroelectric power generation NAICS=221111
2921E065Indust Prod: Fossil fuel and other electric power generation NAICS=221112 9
2922E066Indust Prod: Nuclear electric power generation NAICS=221113
2923E067Indust Prod: Electric power transmission control and distribution NAICS=22112
2924E068Indust Prod: Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying NAICS=2123
2925E069Indust Prod: Industrial electricity sales NAICS=22112pt.
2926E06AIndust Prod: Residential electricity sales NAICS=22112pt.
2927E06BIndust Prod: Commercial and other gas sales NAICS=2212pt.
2928E06CIndust Prod: Industrial gas sales NAICS=2212pt.
2929E06DIndust Prod: Residential gas sales NAICS=2212pt.
2930E06EIndust Prod: Gas transmission NAICS=2212pt.
2931E06FIndust Prod: Food NAICS=311
2932E06GIndust Prod: Animal food NAICS=3111
2933E06HIndust Prod: Grain and oilseed milling NAICS=3112
2934E06IIndust Prod: Sugar and confectionery product NAICS=3113
2935E06JIndust Prod: Fruit and vegetable preserving and specialty food NAICS=3114
2936E06KIndust Prod: Dairy product NAICS=3115
2937E06LIndust Prod: Dairy product (except frozen) NAICS=31151
2938E06MIndust Prod: Fluid milk NAICS=311511
2939E06NIndust Prod: Creamery butter NAICS=311512
2940E06OIndust Prod: Cheese NAICS=311513
2941E06PIndust Prod: Dry condensed and evaporated dairy product NAICS=311514
2942E06QIndust Prod: Ice cream and frozen dessert NAICS=31152
2943E06RIndust Prod: Animal slaughtering and processing NAICS=3116
2945E06TIndust Prod: Animal (except poultry) slaughtering and meat processing NAICS=311611-3
2946E06UIndust Prod: Beef NAICS=311611-3pt.
2947E06VIndust Prod: Pork NAICS=311611-3pt.
2948E06WIndust Prod: Miscellaneous meats NAICS=311611-3pt.
2949E06XIndust Prod: Poultry processing NAICS=311615
2950E06YIndust Prod: Bakeries and tortilla NAICS=3118
2951E06ZIndust Prod: Other food NAICS=3119
2952E070Indust Prod: Coffee and tea NAICS=31192
2953E071Indust Prod: Beverage and tobacco product NAICS=312
2954E072Indust Prod: Beverage NAICS=3121
2955E073Indust Prod: Soft drink and ice NAICS=31211
2956E074Indust Prod: Breweries NAICS=31212
2957E075Indust Prod: Tobacco NAICS=3122
2958E076Indust Prod: Textile mills NAICS=313
2959E077Indust Prod: Fiber yarn and thread mills NAICS=3131
2960E078Indust Prod: Fabric mills NAICS=3132
2961E079Indust Prod: Textile and fabric finishing and fabric coating mills NAICS=3133
2962E07AIndust Prod: Textile product mills NAICS=314
2963E07BIndust Prod: Textile furnishings mills NAICS=3141
2964E07CIndust Prod: Carpet and rug mills NAICS=31411
2965E07DIndust Prod: Other textile product mills NAICS=3149
2966E07EIndust Prod: Apparel NAICS=315
2967E07FIndust Prod: Leather and allied product NAICS=316
2968E07GIndust Prod: Sawmills and wood preservation NAICS=3211
2969E07HIndust Prod: Plywood and misc. wood products NAICS=3212 9
2970E07IIndust Prod: Veneer plywood and engineered wood product NAICS=3212
2972E07KIndust Prod: Veneer and plywood NAICS=321211 2
2973E07LIndust Prod: REconomicsstituted wood product NAICS=321219
2974E07MIndust Prod: Other wood product NAICS=3219
2975E07NIndust Prod: Millwork NAICS=32191
2976E07OIndust Prod: Wood container and pallet NAICS=32192
2977E07PIndust Prod: All other wood product NAICS=32199
2978E07QIndust Prod: Manufactured home (mobile home) NAICS=321991
2979E07RIndust Prod: Pulp paper and paperboard mills NAICS=3221
2980E07SIndust Prod: Pulp mills NAICS=32211
2981E07TIndust Prod: Paper mills NAICS=32212
2982E07UIndust Prod: Paper (except newsprint) mills NAICS=322121
2983E07VIndust Prod: Paperboard mills NAICS=32213
2984E07WIndust Prod: Converted paper product NAICS=3222
2985E07XIndust Prod: Paperboard container NAICS=32221
2986E07YIndust Prod: Paper bag and coated and treated paper NAICS=32222
2987E07ZIndust Prod: Petroleum refineries NAICS=32411
2989E081Indust Prod: Aviation fuel and kerosene NAICS=32411pt.
2990E082Indust Prod: Distillate fuel oil NAICS=32411pt.
2991E083Indust Prod: Automotive gasoline NAICS=32411pt.
2992E084Indust Prod: Residual fuel oil NAICS=32411pt.
2993E085Indust Prod: Paving roofing and other petroleum and coal products NAICS=32412 9
2994E086Indust Prod: Basic chemical NAICS=3251
2995E087Indust Prod: Organic chemicals NAICS=32511 9
2996E088Indust Prod: Basic inorganic chemicals NAICS=32512-8
2997E089Indust Prod: Industrial gas NAICS=32512
2998E08AIndust Prod: Synthetic dye and pigment NAICS=32513
2999E08BIndust Prod: Other basic inorganic chemical NAICS=32518
3000E08CIndust Prod: Alkalies and chlorine NAICS=325181
3001E08DIndust Prod: All other basic inorganic chemical NAICS=325188
3002E08EIndust Prod: Acids phosphates and sulfates NAICS=325188pt.
3003E08FIndust Prod: Other inorganic chemicals NAICS=325188pt.
3004E08GIndust Prod: Resin synthetic rubber and artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments NAICS=3252
3005E08HIndust Prod: Resin and synthetic rubber NAICS=32521
3006E08IIndust Prod: Plastics material and resin NAICS=325211
3007E08JIndust Prod: Synthetic rubber NAICS=325212
3008E08KIndust Prod: Artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments NAICS=32522
3009E08LIndust Prod: Pesticide fertilizer and other agricultural chemical NAICS=3253
3010E08MIndust Prod: Pharmaceutical and medicine NAICS=3254
3011E08NIndust Prod: Paints soaps and toiletries and other chemical products NAICS=3255-9
3012E08OIndust Prod: Paints and other chemical products NAICS=3255 9
3013E08PIndust Prod: Paint coating and adhesive NAICS=3255
3014E08QIndust Prod: Paint and coating NAICS=32551
3015E08RIndust Prod: Plastics product NAICS=3261
3016E08SIndust Prod: Rubber product NAICS=3262
3017E08TIndust Prod: Tire NAICS=32621
3018E08UIndust Prod: Rubber products ex. tires NAICS=32622 9
3019E08VIndust Prod: Clay lime gypsum and misc. nonmetallic mineral products NAICS=3271 4 9
3020E08WIndust Prod: Clay and misc. nonmetallic mineral products NAICS=3271 9
3021E08XIndust Prod: Clay product and refractory NAICS=3271
3022E08YIndust Prod: Pottery ceramics and plumbing fixture NAICS=32711
3023E08ZIndust Prod: Clay building material and refractories NAICS=32712
3024E090Indust Prod: Other nonmetallic mineral product NAICS=3279
3025E091Indust Prod: Lime and gypsum product NAICS=3274
3026E092Indust Prod: Glass and glass product NAICS=3272
3028E094Indust Prod: Cement and concrete product NAICS=3273
3029E095Indust Prod: Cement NAICS=32731
3030E096Indust Prod: Concrete and product NAICS=32732-9
3031E097Indust Prod: Iron and steel products NAICS=3311 2
3032E098Indust Prod: Construction steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3033E099Indust Prod: Consumer durable steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3034E09AIndust Prod: Can and closure steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3035E09BIndust Prod: Equipment steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3036E09CIndust Prod: Coke and products NAICS=3311 2pt.
3039E09FIndust Prod: Miscellaneous steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3040E09GIndust Prod: Alumina and aluminum production and processing NAICS=3313
3042E09IIndust Prod: Primary aluminum production NAICS=331312
3043E09JIndust Prod: SEconomicsdary smelting and alloying of aluminum NAICS=331314
3044E09KIndust Prod: Misc. aluminum materials NAICS=331315 9
3045E09LIndust Prod: Aluminum extruded product NAICS=331316
3046E09MIndust Prod: Nonferrous metal (except aluminum) production and processing NAICS=3314
3048E09OIndust Prod: Commercial and other electricity sales NAICS=22112pt.
3049E09PIndust Prod: Other converted paper products NAICS=32223 9
3050E09QIndust Prod: Foundries NAICS=3315
3051E09RIndust Prod: Forging and stamping NAICS=3321
3052E09SIndust Prod: Cutlery and handtool NAICS=3322
3053E09TIndust Prod: Architectural and structural metals NAICS=3323
3054E09UIndust Prod: Hardware NAICS=3325
3055E09VIndust Prod: Spring and wire product NAICS=3326
3056E09WIndust Prod: Machine shops; turned product; and screw nut and bolt NAICS=3327
3057E09XIndust Prod: Coating engraving heat treating and allied activities NAICS=3328
3058E09YIndust Prod: Agriculture construction and mining machinery NAICS=3331
3059E09ZIndust Prod: Agricultural implement NAICS=33311
3060E0A0Indust Prod: Farm machinery and equipment NAICS=333111
3062E0A2Indust Prod: Mining and oil and gas field machinery NAICS=33313
3063E0A3Indust Prod: Industrial machinery NAICS=3332
3064E0A4Indust Prod: Commercial and service industry machinery and other general purpose machinery NAICS=3333 9
3065E0A5Indust Prod: HVAC metalworking and power transmission machinery NAICS=3334-6
3066E0A6Indust Prod: Metalworking machinery NAICS=3335
3067E0A7Indust Prod: Engine turbine and power transmission equipment NAICS=3336
3069E0A9Indust Prod: Semiconductor and other electronic component NAICS=3344
3070E0AAIndust Prod: Navigational measuring electromedical and control instruments NAICS=3345
3071E0ABIndust Prod: Household appliance NAICS=3352
3072E0ACIndust Prod: Small electrical appliance NAICS=33521
3073E0ADIndust Prod: Major appliance NAICS=33522
3074E0AEIndust Prod: Electrical equipment except appliances NAICS=3351 3 9
3075E0AFIndust Prod: Electric lighting equipment NAICS=3351
3076E0AGIndust Prod: Electrical equipment NAICS=3353
3077E0AHIndust Prod: Other electrical equipment and component NAICS=3359
3078E0AIIndust Prod: Battery NAICS=33591
3079E0AJIndust Prod: Communication and energy wire and cable NAICS=33592
3080E0AKIndust Prod: Other electrical equipment NAICS=33593 9
3081E0ALIndust Prod: Transportation equipment NAICS=336
3082E0AMIndust Prod: Automobile and light duty motor vehicle NAICS=33611
3083E0ANIndust Prod: Automobile NAICS=336111
3084E0AOIndust Prod: Light truck and utility vehicle NAICS=336112
3085E0APIndust Prod: Heavy duty truck NAICS=33612
3086E0AQIndust Prod: Motor vehicle body and trailer NAICS=3362
3088E0ASIndust Prod: Motor home NAICS=336213
3090E0AUIndust Prod: Aerospace product and parts NAICS=3364
3091E0AVIndust Prod: Railroad eq. ships and boats and other transportation equipment NAICS=3365-9
3092E0AWIndust Prod: Railroad rolling stock NAICS=3365
3093E0AXIndust Prod: Ship and boat building NAICS=3366
3094E0AYIndust Prod: Other transportation equipment NAICS=3369
3095E0AZIndust Prod: Household and institutional furniture and kitchen cabinet NAICS=3371
3096E0B0Indust Prod: Medical equipment and supplies NAICS=3391
3097E0B1Indust Prod: Logging NAICS=1133
3098E0B2Indust Prod: Newspaper periodical book and directory publishers NAICS=5111
3099E0B3Indust Prod: Newspaper publishers NAICS=51111
3100E0B4Indust Prod: Periodical book and other publishers NAICS=51112-9
3200E0DWUS Durable Goods Orders (Adjusted)
3201E0DXUS Retail Sales (Adjusted)
3202E0DYUS New Housing Starts
3205E0E1Commer Paper: AA Finan 1 Day
3206E0E2Commer Paper: AA Finan 7 Day
3207E0E3Commer Paper: AA Finan 15 Day
3208E0E4Commer Paper: AA Finan 30 Day
3209E0E5Commer Paper: AA Finan 60 Day
3210E0E6Commer Paper: AA Finan 90 Day
3211E0E7Commer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 1 Day
3212E0E8Commer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 7 Day
3213E0E9Commer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 15 Day
3214E0EACommer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 30 Day
3215E0EBCommer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 60 Day
3216E0ECCommer Paper: AA Asset-Backed 90 Day
3217E0EDCommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 1 Day
3218E0EECommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 7 Day
3219E0EFCommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 15 Day
3220E0EGCommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 30 Day
3221E0EHCommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 60 Day
3222E0EICommer Paper: A2/P2 Nonfin 90 Day
3225E0ELComPaperOut: Sea Adj.Total
3226E0EMComPaperOut: Sea Adj.NonFin Total
3227E0ENComPaperOut: Sea Adj.NonFin Domestic
3228E0EOComPaperOut: Sea Adj.NonFin Foreign
3229E0EPComPaperOut: Sea Adj.Finan Total
3230E0EQComPaperOut: Sea Adj.Finan Domestic
3231E0ERComPaperOut: Sea Adj.Finan Foreign
3232E0ESComPaperOut: Total
3233E0ETComPaperOut: NonFinan Total
3234E0EUComPaperOut: NonFinan Domestic
3235E0EVComPaperOut: NonFinan Foreign
3236E0EWComPaperOut: Financial Total
3237E0EXComPaperOut: Financial Domestic
3238E0EYComPaperOut: Financial Foreign
3239E0EZComPaperOut: Fin Domes US Owned
3240E0F0ComPaperOut: Fin Domes For Bank Parent
3241E0F1ComPaperOut: Fin Domes For NonBank Parent
3242E0F2ComPaperOut: Financial For Bank
3243E0F3ComPaperOut: Financial For Other
3244E0F4ComPaperOut: Other-AB
3245E0F5ComPaperOut: Other-LOC
3246E0F6ComPaperOut: Other-SEC 2a7-1Tier Rating
3247E0F7ComPaperOut: Other-SEC 2a7-2Tier Rating
3248E0F8ComPaperOut: Other-Direct NonFinancial
3249E0F9ComPaperOut: Other-Direct Financial
3351E0I3Productvty:Emplymnt:Mfg-Durable Goods
3352E0I4Productvty:Emplymnt:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3354E0I6Productvty:Emplymnt:Nonfarm Business
3355E0I7Productvty:Emplymnt:Nonfinancial Corporations
3356E0I8Productvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Manufacturing
3357E0I9Productvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Mfg-Durable Goods
3358E0IAProductvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3359E0IBProductvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Business
3360E0ICProductvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Nonfarm Business
3361E0IDProductvty:Avg Wkly Hrs:Nonfinancial Corporations
3363E0IFProductvty:Hours:Mfg-Durable Goods
3364E0IGProductvty:Hours:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3366E0IIProductvty:Hours:Nonfarm Business
3367E0IJProductvty:Hours:Nonfinancial Corporations
3369E0ILProductvty:Output:Mfg-Durable Goods
3370E0IMProductvty:Output:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3372E0IOProductvty:Output:Nonfarm Business
3373E0IPProductvty:Output:Nonfinancial Corporations
3378E0IUProductvty:Current$GPO:Nonfarm Business
3379E0IVProductvty:Current$GPO:Nonfinancial Corporations
3381E0IXProductvty:Compensation:Mfg-Durable Goods
3382E0IYProductvty:Compensation:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3384E0J0Productvty:Compensation:Nonfarm Business
3385E0J1Productvty:Compensation:Nonfinancial Corporations
3389E0J5Productvty:Business Non-Labor Payments
3390E0J6Productvty:Nonfarm Bus Non-Labor Payments
3391E0J7Productvty:Nonfinan Corp Non-Labor Payments
3393E0J9Productvty:Output/Hr:Mfg-Durable Goods
3394E0JAProductvty:Output/Hr:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3396E0JCProductvty:Output/Hr:Nonfarm Business
3397E0JDProductvty:Output/Hr:Nonfinancial Corporations
3398E0JEProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Manufacturing
3399E0JFProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Mfg-Durable Goods
3400E0JGProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3401E0JHProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Business
3402E0JIProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Nonfarm Business
3403E0JJProductvty:Hrly Comp.:Nonfinancial Corporations
3404E0JKProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Manufacturing
3405E0JLProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Durable Goods-Mfg
3406E0JMProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Nondurable Goods-Mfg
3407E0JNProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Business
3408E0JOProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Nonfarm Business
3409E0JPProductvty:Unit Labor Costs:Nonfinancial Corporations
3413E0JTProductvty:Business Unit Nonlabor Payments
3414E0JUProductvty:Nonfarm Bus Unit Nonlabor Payments
3415E0JVProductvty:Nonfinan Corp Unit Nonlabor Payments
3419E0JZProductvty:Business Implicit Price Deflator
3420E0K0Productvty:Nonfarm Bus Implicit Price Deflator
3421E0K1Productvty:Nonfinan Corp Implicit Price Deflator
3422E0K2Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Manufacturing
3423E0K3Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Durable Goods-Mfg
3424E0K4Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Nondurable Goods-Mfg
3425E0K5Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Business
3426E0K6Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Nonfarm Business
3427E0K7Productvty:Real Hrly Comp:Nonfinancial Corporations
3429E0K9Productvty:Output/Person:Mfg-Durable Goods
3430E0KAProductvty:Output/Person:Mfg-Nondurable Goods
3432E0KCProductvty:Output/Person:Nonfarm Business
3433E0KDProductvty:Output/Person:Nonfinancial Corporations
3437E0KHProductvty:Business Labor Share
3438E0KIProductvty:Nonfarm Bus Labor Share
3439E0KJProductvty:Nonfinan Corp Labor Share
3445E0KPProductvty:Profits:Nonfinancial Corporations
3451E0KVProductvty:Unit Profits:Nonfinancial Corporations
3457E0L1Productvty:Total Unit Cos:Nonfinancial Corporations
3462E0L6Construction Spending-Total-Seas & Doll Adjusted
3463E0L7Construction Spending-Public-Seas & Doll Adjusted
3464E0L8Construction Spending-Private-Seas & Doll Adjusted
3467E0LBPersonal Income
3468E0LCPersonal Savings
3469E0LDPersonal Savings Rate
3470E0LEReal Disposable Personal Income
3471E0LFReal Personal Consumption Expenditures
3472E0LGDurable Goods-Real Personal Consumption Expenditures
3473E0LHNondurable Goods-Real Personal Consumption Expenditures
3474E0LIServices-Real Personal Consumption Expenditures
3475E0LJHousehold Debt Service;Homeowner;Total Debt;percent disposable income; SA
3476E0LKHousehold Debt Service;Homeowner;Consumer Debt;percent disposable income; SA
3477E0LLHousehold Debt Service;Homeowner;Mortgage Debt;percent disposable income; SA
3478E0LMMoney Sup M1=Curr+Checking;SA
3479E0LNMoney Sup M2=M1+Small Sav;SA
3481E0LPMoney Sup M1=Curr+Checking;NSA
3482E0LQMoney Sup M2=M1+Small Sav;NSA
3600E0P0Indust Prod: Primary smelting and refining of copper NAICS=331411
3601E0P1Indust Prod: Crude oil NAICS=211111pt.
3602E0P2Indust Prod: Pig iron NAICS=3311 2pt.
3603E0P3Indust Prod: Raw steel NAICS=3311 2pt.
3604E0P4Indust Prod: Other fabricated metal product NAICS=3329
3605E0P5Indust Prod: Ball and roller bearing NAICS=332991
3606E0P6Indust Prod: Final products
3607E0P7Indust Prod: Autos and trucks consumer
3608E0P8Indust Prod: Auto parts and allied goods
3609E0P9Indust Prod: Other durable goods
3610E0PAIndust Prod: Household appliances
3611E0PBIndust Prod: Carpeting and furniture
3612E0PCIndust Prod: Miscellaneous nondurable goods
3613E0PDIndust Prod: Fuels
3614E0PEIndust Prod: Residential utilities
3615E0PFIndust Prod: Equipment total
3616E0PGIndust Prod: Industrial equipment
3617E0PHIndust Prod: Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum) NAICS=331419
3618E0PIIndust Prod: Oil and gas well drilling and manufactured homes
3619E0PJIndust Prod: Nonindustrial supplies
3620E0PKIndust Prod: General business supplies
3621E0PLIndust Prod: Computer and other board assemblies and parts
3622E0PMIndust Prod: Semiconductors printed circuit boards and other
3623E0PNIndust Prod: Other equipment parts
3624E0POIndust Prod: Basic metals
3625E0PPIndust Prod: Miscellaneous durable materials
3626E0PQIndust Prod: Other nondurable materials
3627E0PRIndust Prod: Containers
3628E0PSIndust Prod: Travel trailer and camper NAICS=336214
3629E0PTIndust Prod: Finished processing--gross value
3630E0PUIndust Prod: Semifinished processing--gross value
3631E0PVIndust Prod: Primary processing--gross value
3632E0PWIndust Prod: Crude processing--gross value
3633E0PXIndust Prod: Total ex. selected high-tech. and motor vehicles & pts.
3634E0PYIndust Prod: Manufacturing ex. hi-tech and motor vehicles & pts.
3635E0PZIndust Prod: Office and other furniture NAICS=3372 9
3636E0Q0Indust Prod: Other refinery output NAICS=32411pt.
3637E0Q1Indust Prod: Soap cleaning compound and toilet preparation NAICS=3256
3638E0Q2Indust Prod: Glass container NAICS=327213
3639E0Q3Indust Prod: Nonferrous metal (except aluminum) smelting and refining NAICS=33141
3640E0Q4Indust Prod: Construction machinery NAICS=33312
3641E0Q5Indust Prod: Ventilation heating air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment NAICS=3334
3642E0Q6Indust Prod: Audio and video equipment NAICS=3343
3643E0Q7Indust Prod: Truck trailer NAICS=336212
3644E0Q8Indust Prod: Aircraft and parts NAICS=336411-3
3645E0Q9Indust Prod: Other equipment
3646E0QAIndust Prod: Crude processing (capacity)
3647E0QBIndust Prod: Primary & semifinished processing (capacity)
3648E0QCIndust Prod: Finished processing (capacity)
3649E0QDIndust Prod: Business vehicles
3650E0QEIndust Prod: Business light vehicles
3651E0QFIndust Prod: Automobile business NAICS=336111pt.
3652E0QGIndust Prod: Light trucks business NAICS=336112pt.
3653E0QHIndust Prod: Miscellaneous nondurable materials
3700E0RSFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Nonfinancial: 1 month
3701E0RTFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Nonfinancial: 2 month
3702E0RUFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Nonfinancial: 3 month
3703E0RVFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Financial: 1 month
3704E0RWFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Financial: 2 month
3705E0RXFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Commercial paper: Financial: 3 month
3706E0RYFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Discount window primary credit
3707E0RZFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury bills: SEconomicsdary market: 4 week
3708E0S0Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury bills: SEconomicsdary market: 3 month
3709E0S1Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury bills: SEconomicsdary market: 6 month
3710E0S2Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury bills: SEconomicsdary market: 1 year
3711E0S3Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 1 month
3712E0S4Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 3 month
3713E0S5Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 6 month
3714E0S6Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 1 year
3715E0S7Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 2 year
3716E0S8Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 3 year
3717E0S9Fed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 5 year
3718E0SAFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 7 year
3719E0SBFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 10 year
3721E0SDFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury constant maturities: 30 year
3722E0SEFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Inflation-Indexed: 5 year
3723E0SFFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Inflation-Indexed: 7 year
3724E0SGFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Inflation-Indexed: 10 year
3725E0SHFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury long-term average: Nominal
3726E0SIFed Reserve: Interest Rates: U.S. government securities: Treasury long-term average: Inflation-Indexed
3727E0SJFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 1 year
3728E0SKFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 2 year
3729E0SLFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 3 year
3730E0SMFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 4 year
3731E0SNFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 5 year
3732E0SOFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 7 year
3733E0SPFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 10 year
3734E0SQFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Interest rate swaps: 30 year
3735E0SRFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Corporate bonds: Moody's seasoned: Aaa
3736E0SSFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Corporate bonds: Moody's seasoned: Baa
3737E0STFed Reserve: Interest Rates: State & local bonds (Thursday)
3738E0SUFed Reserve: Interest Rates: Conventional mortgages (Thursday)
3739E0SVCommercial Crude Oil Stock (Thousands of barrels)
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.