Markets in exchange: Foreign exchange market (Forex)

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2160AD3U.K. Sterling per 1 Australian $
2162AD4Japanese Yen per 1 Australian$
2163AD5Swiss Francs per 1 Australian$
2164AD6U.S. Dollars per 1 Australian$
2165AD7Canadian Dollars per 1 Australian$
2167AD9Hong Kong Dollars per 1 Australian$
2168AD!New Zealand Dollars per 1 Australian $
2169AD$Singapore Dollars per 1 Australian$
3568AD%Mexican Pesos per 1 Australian$
3569AD^Swedish Krona per 1 Australian$
3570AD&Chinese Yuan per 1 Australian$
3571AD*Hungarian Forints per 1 Australian$
3572AD(Poland Zloty per 1 Australian$
3573AD)Norwegian Kroner per 1 Australian$
2250QE0Australian Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
2252QE2Canadian Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
2257QE7Hong Kong Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
2259QE9Japanese Yen per 1 U.S. Dollar
2260QE!Malaysian Ringits per 1 U.S. Dollar
2262QE#Norwegian Kroners per 1 U.S. Dollar
2264QE%New Zealand Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
2265QE{Singapore Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
2266QE}Swiss Francs per 1 U.S. Dollar
2268QF4U.S. Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2269QF5Mexican Pesos per 1 U.S. Dollar
2270QE_South African Rands per 1 U.S. Dollar
2271QF1Swedish Kronas per 1 U.S. Dollar
2273QF3Korean Won per 1 U.S. Dollar
2310DR1Australian Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2311DRSouth Korean Won per 1 U.K. Sterling
2312DRCCanadian Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2314DR4Danish Krones per 1 U.K. Sterling
2317DR7Hong Kong Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2319DR9Japanese Yen per 1 U.K. Sterling
2320DR!Malaysian Ringits per 1 U.K. Sterling
2322DR#Norwegian Kroners per 1 U.K. Sterling
2324DR%New Zealand Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2325DRASingapore Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2326DR^Swiss Francs per 1 U.K. Sterling
2328DRDChinese Yuan per 1 U.K. Sterling
2329DR8Mexican Pesos per 1 U.K. Sterling
2330DR0South African Rand per 1 U.K. Sterling
2331DR6Swedish Kronas per 1 U.K. Sterling
2333DR5U.S. Dollars per 1 U.K. Sterling
2341EU1Australian per 1 Euro
2342EU2Canadian Dollars per 1 Euro
2344EU4Danish Krones per 1 Euro
2350EU!Hong Kong Dollars per 1 Euro
2345EU5Japanese Yen per 1 Euro
2351EU@Malaysian Ringgits per 1 Euro
2304EU3Norwegian Kroners per 1 Euro
2352EU#New Zealand Dollars per 1 Euro
2353EU$Singapore Dollars per 1 Euro
2346EU6Swiss Francs per 1 Euro
2347EU7U.K. Sterling per 1 Euro
2354EU%Mexican Pesos per 1 Euro
2355EU^South African Rand per 1 Euro
2348EU8Swedish Kronas per 1 Euro
2349EU9U.S. Dollar per 1 Euro
3300US3U.A.E. Dirhams per 1 U.S. Dollar
3301US4Bahraini Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
3302US5Brazilian Real per 1 U.S. Dollar
3303US6Chinese Yuan per 1 U.S. Dollar
3304US7Czech Korunas per 1 U.S. Dollar
3305USCEuro per 1 U.S. Dollar
3306US9Hungarian Forints per 1 U.S. Dollar
3307US0Indonesian Rupiahs per 1 U.S. Dollar
3308USAIndian Rupees per 1 U.S. Dollar
3309USBKuwaiti Dinars per 1 U.S. Dollar
3311USDPolish Zlotys per 1 U.S. Dollar
3312USERussian Rubles per 1 U.S. Dollar
3313USFSaudi Riyal per 1 U.S. Dollar
3315USHThai Baht per 1 U.S. Dollar
3316USITaiwan Dollars per 1 U.S. Dollar
3317USJVenezuelan Bolivars per 1 U.S. Dollar
3318USKIsreali Shekels per 1 U.S. Dollar
3319USLArgentine Pesos per 1 U.S. Dollar
3320USMPakistan Rupees per 1 U.S. Dollar
3321USNPeru Nuevo Sol per 1 U.S. Dollar
2254QE4Danish Krones per 1 U.S. Dollar
3324EUAU.A.E Dirham per 1 Euro
3325EUBBahraini Dollar per 1 Euro
3326EUBrazilian Real per 1 Euro
3327EUDChinese Yuan per 1 Euro
3328EUECzech Korunas per 1 Euro
3330EUGHungarian Forints per 1 Euro
3331EUHIndonesian Rupiahs per 1 Euro
3332EUIIndian Rupees per 1 Euro
3333EUJKuwaiti Dinars per 1 Euro
3335EULPolish Zlotys per 1 Euro
3336EUMRussian Rubles per 1 Euro
3337EUNSaudi Riyals per 1 Euro
3339EUPThai Baht per 1 Euro
3340EUQTaiwan Dollar per 1 Euro
3341EURVenezuelan Bolivar per 1 Euro
3346EUWKorean Won per 1 Euro
3503JPYX0Canadian Dollars to 1 Japanese Yen
3504JPYX1Chinese Yuan Renminbis per 1 Japanese Yen
3505JPYX2Danish Krones per 1 Japanese Yen
3507JPYX4Hungarian Forints per 1 Japanese Yen
3508JPYX5Hong Kong Dollars per 1 Japanese Yen
3511JPYX8Malaysian Ringgits per 1 Japanese Yen
3512JPYX9Polish Zlotys per 1 Japanese Yen
3513JPYXANorwegian Kroners per 1 Japanese Yen
3515JPYXCNew Zealand Dollars per 1 Japanese Yen
3516JPYXDSingapore Dollars to 1 Japanese Yen
3517JPYXESwiss Francs per 1 Japanese Yen
3521JPYXIJapanese Yen per 1 South African Rand
3522JPYXJSwedish Kronas per 1 Japanese Yen
3525CHFX0Canadian Dollars per 1 Swiss Franc
3526CHFX1Chinese Yuan Renminbis per 1 Swiss Franc
3527CHFX2Danish Krones per 1 Swiss Franc
3529CHFX4Hungarian Forint per 1 Swiss Franc
3530CHFX5Hong Kong Dollars per 1 Swiss Franc
3533CHFX8Malaysian Ringgits per 1 Swiss Franc
3534CHFX9Polish Zlotys per 1 Swiss Franc
3535CHFXANorwegian Kroners per 1 Swiss Franc
3537CHFXCNew Zealand Dollars per 1 Swiss Franc
3538CHFXDSingapore Dollars per 1 Swiss Franc
3539CHFXEThai Bahts per 1 Swiss Franc
3544CHFXJSwedish Kronas per 1 Swiss Franc
3545USD1Turkish Lira per 1 U.S. Dollar
3546USD2Chilean Pesos per 1 U.S. Dollar
3547USD3Philipine Pesos per 1 U.S. Dollar
3548USD4Columbian Pesos per 1 U.S. Dollar
3549USD5Lithuanian Litas per 1 U.S. Dollar
3553USD9Chinese Yuan per 1 Hong Kong Dollar
3554BPBRBrazilian Real per 1 British Pound
3555CAD9Canadian Dollar per 1 New Zealand Dollar
3556SEK5Swedish Krona per 1 Norwegian Krone
3557EURTEuro per 1 Turkish Lira
3558CNHUChinese Yuan (Off-shore) per 1 US Dollar
3559INRUIndian Rupees per 1 U.K. Sterling
3560RUBGRussian Rubles per 1 U.K. Sterling
3561TRYGTurkish Lira per 1 U.K. Sterling
3574CADHHong Kong dollar per 1 Canadian Dollar
3562BTCUSDUS Dollars per 1 Bitcoin (Coindesk BPI)
3563ETHUSDUS Dollars per 1 Ethereum
3564LTCUSDUS Dollars per 1 Litecoin
3565BCHUSDUS Dollars per 1 Bitcoin Cash
3566XRPUSDUS Dollars per 1 Ripple
3567DASHUSDUS Dollars per 1 Dash
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.