Markets in exchange: ICE US

CSI NumSymbolDescription
3CCCocoa, Ivory Coast (New York)
7CTCotton #2
7CTCotton, 1 1/16 Strick Low Midling (Memphis, TN)
10KCCoffee, Brazilian (New York)
12OJOrange Juice
20SBSugar #11 (World)
20SBSugar #11, World (New York)
37ZI5000oz Silver
37ZISilver, Handy & Harman 12:15 pm (New York)
58RSWinnipeg #1 Rapeseed (Vancouver)
100RRussell 1000 Stock Index (NYFE)
101CRCommodity Research Bureau Index (NYFE)
183YImini Silver
213YGmini Gold
213YGGold, Handy & Harman 12:15 pm (New York)
263DXU.S. Dollar Index
263DXUS Dollar Index (FINEX)
264EUEURO, European Common Commission (FINEX)
372ZRUS Dollar/South African Rand
373SSBritish Pound/Swiss Franc
374SYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen
417ARAustralian Dollar/New Zealand $
418YAAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen
621KXUS Dollar/Swedish Krona
622NTUS Dollar/Norwegian Krone
624ASAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
625HYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen
796EZEuro/Czech Koruna
797VCUS Dollar/Czech Koruna
798VUUS Dollar/Hungarian Forint
907MMBritish Pound/US $-Small
915HREuro/Hungarian Forint
933JNNorwegian Krone/Swedish Krona
970CRBReuters Jefferies CRB Index
1036YZEuro/South African Rand
1037QAFBritish Pound/Australian Dollars
1038GNBritish Pound/New Zealand Dollar
1039PCBritish Pound/Canadian Dollar
1040PKBritish Pound/Norway Krone
1041PZBritish Pound/South African Rand
1042PSBritish Pound/Swedish Krona
1043ZJNew Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen
1044KYNorwegian Krone/Japanese Yen
1045KJSwedish Krona/Japenese Yen
1139SB1Sugar #11
1140SB2Sugar #11
1143CT1Cotton #2
1144CT2Cotton #2
1146KC2Coffee, Brazilian (New York)
1149OJ1Frozen Orange Juice
1150OJ2Frozen Orange Juice
1204DX1US Dollar Index
1205DX2U.S. Dollar Index
1205DX2U.S. Dollar Index
1454SFISugar #16
1549MLEmini MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America Index
1552MEMmini MSCI Emerging Markets Index
1570MFSmini MSCI EAFE Index
1573MNNmini MSCI EM NTR Index
1574MFUmini MSCI EAFE NTR Index
1686MPMmini MSCI Pan-Euro Index
1687MPEmini MSCI Euro Index
1689EUYEuro/Japanese Yen
1690EUKEuro/Swedish Krona
1691EUFEuro/Swiss Franc
1692EUUEuro/US Dollar
1692EUUEuro/US Dollar
1693AUUAustralian Dollar/US Dollar
1694KRAEuro/Australian Dollar
1695KEPEuro/Canadian Dollar
1696KOLEuro/Norwegian Krone
1697KBXBrazilian Real/US Dollar
1698KZYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen
1701KZXNew Zealand Dollar/US Dollar
1702KSVCanadian Dollar/US Dollar
1703KMFSwiss Franc/US Dollar
1704KSJJapanese Yen/US Dollar
1705KMPMexican Peso/US Dollar
1706KCUColombian Peso/US Dollar
1925MWLmini MSCI World Index
20226TRMTurkish Lira/US Dollar
20229PLNPolish Zloty/US Dollar
20230PLEPolish Zloty/Euro
20231IL2Israeli Shekel/US Dollar
20232ETRTurkish Lira/Euro
20295HY5ERIS CDX High Yield Credit (5 year)
20296IG5ERIS CDX Investment Grade Credit (5 year)
20309FNGNYSE FANG+ Index
20342LFMMSCI Emerging Markets ESG Leaders NTR Index
20343BBMBakkt Bitcoin
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.