Markets in exchange: National Stock Exchange Of India

CSI NumSymbolDescription
742NIFS&P CNX Nifty Index
1520NIRUSD / Rupee
20080NBINifty Bank Index
20085NEIEUR/Indian Rupee
20086NGIGBP/Indian Rupee
20087NJIJPY/Indian Rupee
20468N01Government of India 6.10% Bond (2031)
20469N02Government of India 6.19% Bond (2034)
20470N03Government of India 6.64% Bond (2035)
20472N05Government of India 5.85% Bond (2030)
20475N9191-Day Government of India T-Bill
20476NMIMIBOR Overnight Call Rate
20477NEDEUR/US Dollar Crossrate
20478NDJUSD/Japanese Yen Crossrate
20479NGDGBP/US Dollar Crossrate
20500IINNifty 50 Index (IFSC)
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.