Markets in exchange: United States Government

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2099MM3T-Bill- 30 Day Rate
2100MM0T-Bill- 90 Day Rate
2101MM1T-Bill-180 Day Rate
2102MM2T-Bill-360 Day Rate
2130FF0Eurodollar Deposit Rate- 90 Day
2131FF1Eurodollar Deposit Rate-180 Day
2132FF6Eurodollar Deposit Rate-360 Day
2133FF3Fed Funds Rate
2134FF4Libor Rate-3 Mth
2135FF5Libor Rate-6 Mth
2142IRSUS Dollar/Sterling Rate- Spot
2143IR3US Dollar/Sterling Rate- 1 Mth
2145IR5US Dollar/Sterling Rate- 3 Mth
2148IR8US Dollar/Sterling Rate- 6 Mth
2140IR0Prime Rate
2141IR1Discount Rate
2154I14US Dollar/Sterling Rate-12 Mth
2365TR1Treasury Yield Curve Rate-1 Mth
2366TR2Treasury Yield Curve Rate-3 Mth
2367TR3Treasury Yield Curve Rates-6 Mth
2368TR4Treasury Yield Curve Rate-1 Yr
2369TR5Treasury Yield Curve Rate-2 Yr
2370TR6Treasury Yield Curve Rate-3 Yr
2371TR7Treasury Yield Curve Rate-5 Yr
2372TR8Treasury Yield Curve Rate-7 Yr
2373TR9Treasury Yield Curve Rate-10 Yr
2374TR0Treasury Yield Curve Rate-20 Yr
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.