Commodity Factsheet - WSE - Warsaw Stock Exchange

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Commercial CSI NumberDelivery Month CodeUA CSI NumberCommercial SymbolUA SymbolExchange SymbolExchangeNameSession TypeSession GroupIs ActiveFractional Point ValueFull Point ValueCurrencyContract SizeUnit of MeasurementMinimum Tick SizeTick ValueDelivery MonthsStart DateEnd DateLink With SymbolTrading HoursHas Current Day VolumeHas Current Day O.I.Has Known Expiration DatesLast Total Volume
9531-12953W20W20W20WSEWIG 20 Index-WSE0.110PLNPLN 10 x Indexpoints10010IIVIIVIIVIIV2005-02-032014-06-2009:00 - 16:10
1009411-121941W22W22FW2020WSEWIG 20 Index (PLN20)0.220PLNPLN 20 x indexpoints10020IIVIIVIIVIIV2013-09-232022-08-17W20 starts at 2005-02-0309:00 - 17:0038322
2004831-1220483MW4MW4FW40WSEmWIG40 Index0.110PLNPLN 10 x Indexpoints10010IIVIIVIIVIIV2010-09-202022-08-1708:45 - 16:50192